Pattaya – the pearl of Thailand

Pattaya is a city in the south-east of Thailand and one of the most popular resorts in the whole world. The most common goal of coming here is to relax on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand. Almost the entire coastline is made up of beaches, which have hotels and restaurants located nearby. The doors of more than 750 hotels of different levels and guest houses are open to toursits.

Popular places to visit are the city aquarium, dolphinarium, the open zoo and Sriracha Tiger Zoo, and the Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya. Some major architectural monuments can be seen here – the Big Buddha Temple and the Temple of Destiny. Also in the city is the Mini Siam Park, where copies of world famous miniature landmarks are exhibited.

Public transport in the city is poorly developed, most of the local population ride on personal mopeds and motorcycles. Local buses are called "Sontego" and are not designed for large passenger ridership. They look like converted lorries, in which there are two benches, one opposite the other. Another problem is the lack of a clear timetable and routes. It is better to use the city guide and a local three-wheeled taxi. With its help you can quickly, inexpensively and easily get anywhere in the city.

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Population, k people104.32