2.0 is the ultimate travel companion and your passport to the new financial system

MAPS Rewards is the cornerstone of 2.0, binding 100M+ users. It powers this vision and captures its value.
Travel more with up to 10% Cashback on
Stay online when travelling with up to 50% Discount on mobile Internet globally
requires a smart phone that supports eSIM

How it works

Choose your desired MAPS Rewards level
Earn or buy enough Maps inside to get to your desired MAPS Rewards level
Enjoy Maps Rewards

What’s 1.0? Mobile app, the leader in offline maps, 9 year-history

  • iOS
    260k+ reviews, 4.8 average
  • Android
    1.1m+ reviews, 4.8 average
  • 140
    million installs
  • 60
    million YAU
  • 10
    million MAU
  • 1.4
    million DAU
  • 34% Women
  • 66% Men
  • 73% 18-44
  • 58.4% Europe
  • 18.5% Asia
  • 8.1% Middle East
  • 7.8% Latam
  • 4.7% North America
  • 2.5% Other

What’s 2.0? Technological revamp of 1.0

Embedded finance apps to enable people to

  • Store value
  • Exchange
  • Send
  • Spend
  • in 35 fiat currencies & preciousmetals

Maps 2.0 will support both online and offline maps, and help our users explore the world, e.g. navigating to their destinations, booking hotels, or finding local coffee spots.

+ Integrate the token economy with real‑world locations of tens of millions of users and businesses

+ Enable businesses to reach out to the most relevant clients by demographics, location, and interests

+ DeFi “Robinhood”

To enable people around the world to trade, save, invest, and earn by leveraging the global capital markets and best-in-class investment strategies

What is MAPS?

MAPS is the ecosystem token. For more information, see the Whitepaper.

What are the Utility and Rewards of the MAPS token?

MAPS will be the backbone of the ecosystem, driving retention and usage of the app, and benefiting from 100% of its net revenues
100% of all net revenues generated in go to benefit MAPS holders

Sources of Revenue

  • Trading fees
  • Fees on credit card transactions
  • Fees on FX conversions
  • Fees on copy trading
  • Spread on borrow/lending
  • Advertising fees
  • Management fees on structured products
  • Referral commission from participating businesses on purchases
    • Booking websites, restaurants, hotels
  • Fees for premium app service
  • Asset management
  • More complex financial products
  • Automated portfolio rebalancing/management

MAPS committed hold benefits

  • For Users:
    • Increased app benefits (e.g. higher yield, higher tier credit card)
    • Better deals at venues that provide incentives
    • Lower fees
  • For Businesses
    • Highlight locations on the map to users
    • Better position in user searches (“premium listing”)

A reward system for the community, powered by the community

  • MAPS rewards for frequent users and visiting promoted locations
  • Lower fees and higher earnings for MAPS holders
  • Governance of
Akin to using customer loyalty programs, MAPS token holders become eligible for personalized rewards and services based on the holders’ actions and token holdings.
  • 100m+ People
  • 100% net revenue buyback
    * 100% of net-revenue of Maps 2.0 platform should be applied to the benefit of the MAPS network through buybacks and cancellation of MAPS or otherwise. Amount, timing and existence of such buybacks is not guaranteed and may depend on a number of factors.
  • 100% community-driven

What is the supply of MAPS?

is current circulating supply. With a hard cap at 300m for the first year. The total supply will grow to a max of 10bn over seven years.
There will never be any more tokens created, but over time the total supply will decrease through buyback of tokens.