Taxis Haiti

11 objects

Haiti, Artibonite Department, Gonaïves

Haiti, Sud Department, Les Cayes

Haiti, Département de l'Ouest, Marin, village

Haiti, Département du Nord, Limonade

Haiti, Artibonite Department, family village, village

Haiti, Centre Department, Savanette, village

Haiti, Département de l'Ouest, Pétionville

Phone: +509 29487777

Haiti, Département de l'Ouest, Delmas

Haiti, Département de l'Ouest, Montet, village

Haiti, Département du Sud-Est, Jacmel

Haiti, Sud Department, Les Cayes

Hailing a taxi is a service that is actively used by residents and guests of the city alike. Our website catalog includes all of the service organizations in in Haiti that specialize in local passenger transportation.

Our database has gathered together information about all the companies and individual entrepreneurs that currently serve a particular locality. We provide you with phone numbers, website names, legal addresses, and information about the additional services offered by taxi companies in any region of our country as well as abroad.

Once you have found out the contact information for a group of services, you will be able to quickly determine which service conditions are the most acceptable for a given price and service level category. Our database also contains additional information on various options and the system of discounts that applies to each service.

Don't waste time searching for a transportation service on your own: use our catalog and get complete information about each taxi service. This will help you to select the most appropriate one while wasting the least amount of time.