38505 objects

Poland, Lublin Voivodeship, Bychawa

Armenia, Yerevan, Vardanants` p`oghots`, 16

Phone: 095 105120

Opening Hours: 24/7

Armenia, Yerevan, Khorenats`ow p`oghots`, 30/72

Phone: +374 99 89 10 89

Armenia, Yerevan, Avenida Lopez, 5

Belgium, Flanders, Westouter, village, Poperingestraat, 36A


Belgium, Flanders, Overpelt, Jeugdlaan, 4-6

Thailand, Chiang Mai Province, Chiang Mai

Iraq, Baghdad

Iraq, Najaf, shr` lTwsy, 12

Phone: 07710869704

Bolivia, Santa Cruz, San Ignacio de Velasco

Cuba, Havana

Taiwan, Hualien

Nepal, Western Development Region, Shikha, village

Australia, Western Australia, Perth, Hay Street, 195

Phone: 0892211666


Colombia, Bogota Capital District, Bogota, Calle 67, 4-16

Phone: +57-1-467-2656


India, Telangana, Warangal

Azerbaijan, Sumqayit, Sumgayit, 20 Yanvar, 42

Vietnam, Đà Nẵng, Danang

A hostel is an economy-class hotel. Budget hotels differ by the number of services that they offer to guests, conditions of stay, and level of service.

Certain sections of our catalog are devoted to listing hostels in by category (standard, apartment, and capsule facilities) that are located throughout your country or other countries and that you might be interested in. Find out their addresses, websites, contact information, locations, and operating hours. The database will suggest appropriate vehicle routes, the pinpointed location on a map, and information about nearby public transport stops.

When you are browsing through the hostels, you will be able to review different amenities, including available daytime or long-term parking, currency exchange offices, ATMs, and restaurants.

Use the information in our database to quickly find hostels that meet your personal service level requirements. All information that will be of interest to travelers is presented in topical sections: