Cibao International Airport (STI) (Aeropuerto Internacional del Cibao)

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Whirled F
38 month ago
Cibao is a fast airport. Have all your documents together. Listen carefully and have a safe flight!
Steffanie C
50 month ago
Great service, easy to navigate, nice ambient and 3hr free WiFi! Love this airport!
Gerardo G
52 month ago
You won't find coffee or good breakfast here. Get something before getting here.
Benito G
53 month ago
🙇Es uno de la s lugares de Santiago más conservado. Se nota desde su avenida principal de entrada y hasta dentro del aeropuerto🙏🏼
Vera P
53 month ago
Cozy, sometimes too much. Thanks God delays are rare because there's not much on entertainment, and free wifi has a 3 hr limit.
Banco B
68 month ago
¿Estás de vacaciones en el país? Compra dólares y euros en cualquiera de nuestras sucursales.
Rome M
93 month ago
Our $1 USA is worth $42 dollars in Dominican Republic !!! Wow
Yaniv E
94 month ago
Don't forget to buy Erez Cigars to smoke on the way!!!
Bibiana T
116 month ago
Si su vuelo dice dia Tal a las 130 .. Eso quiere decir que Es a las 130 de la manana! Debe estar en el aeropuerto 3 horas antes lo que quiere decir que debe estar en Dias de su fecha original
Armando D
117 month ago
Don't bring any liquids through security. They will take it away even if it's less than 3oz., specially the nice stuff; like cologne.