Hong Kong: the heart of the global economy

Hong Kong is a city, state, island, one of the world's largest financial centres in which the traditions of Europe and Asia are closely intertwined. It is these associations that come to mind when this name is mentioned. The megapolis is part of the administrative district of Hong Kong, the map of which includes at least another 260 islands and the Kowloon Peninsula.

The city guide will tell you about the most popular tourist places: Victoria Peak, which offers stunning views of the bay and other places of interest, including lively shopping streets with eateries and restaurants, shopping and administrative centres that are hundreds of stories high and other sites. Visitors will be able to see not only skyscrapers in the central part of the city, but also affecting multi-storey residential complexes with a height of 50-70 or more floors. Together with this, Hong Kong is a city of contrasts: here and there modern skyscrapers adjoin old dilapidated two or three-story houses.

Transport in Hong Kong is represented by an extensive underground network and suburban commuter trains, buses, taxis and numerous ferry crossings that connect to neighbouring islands.

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