Hardware stores Slovenia

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Slovenia, Šmarje pri Jelšah, Obrtniska ulica, 1

Slovenia, Maribor, Keleminova ulica, 26

Phone: +386 2 461 4704

Website: https://germar.si/

Slovenia, Grad, village

Phone: 031404352

Slovenia, Juršinci, 9a

Slovenia, Lucija, Nassaulaan, 98

Slovenia, Radeče

Slovenia, Prosenjakovci, village

Slovenia, Ključarovci pri Ljutomeru, village

Slovenia, Martjanci, village, Martjanci, 9

Phone: 025303230

Slovenia, Jesenice, Spodnji plavz, 3b

Phone: +386 4 5834300

Website: http://www.merkur.si/

Opening Hours: Mo-Fr 07:00-20:00; Sa 08:00-20:00; Su 08:00-13:00

Slovenia, Slovenj Gradec, Ronkova ulica, 35

Phone: +386 2 8850900

Website: http://www.merkur.si/

Wheelchair Access: Yes

Opening Hours: Mo-Fr 7:00-20:00, Sa 8:00-20:00, Su 8:00-13:00

Slovenia, Grenc, village, Grenc, 54

Phone: +386 4 2071574

Website: http://www.merkur.si/

Opening Hours: Mo-Fr 7:00-20:00, Sa 8:00-20:00, Su 8:00-13:00

Slovenia, Ljubljana, Cesta 24. Junija, 23

Slovenia, Bodrišna vas, village, Sentvid pri Grobelnem, 1b

Slovenia, Polje, 9

Phone: 056626039

Website: http://www.metaloprema.si

Opening Hours: Mo-Fr 07:00-16:00; Sa 08:00-12:00

Slovenia, Murski Črnci, village, Murski Crnci, 33

Phone: +38641520191

Slovenia, Žirovnica, village, De Voorwaarts, 111

Slovenia, Koper, Istrska cesta, 39

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