Cafes Belarus

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Belarus, Minsk Region, Soligorsk

Belarus, Mahilyow Region, Babruysk, Sotsialisticheskaia ulitsa, 115

Opening Hours: Mo-Su 08:00-23:00

Belarus, Homel Region, Lelchytsy

Belarus, Brest Region, Mir, village, Krasnoarmeiskaia ulitsa

Belarus, Brest Region, Mir, village, ploshchad' 17 Sentiabria

Belarus, Minsk, Vostochnaia ulitsa, 48

Belarus, Homel Region, Mazyr, ulitsa Mira, 9

Belarus, Vitsebsk Region, Orsha, Kirchdorfer Strasse, 40

Belarus, Minsk

Opening Hours: Mo-Fr 11:00-20:00

Belarus, Hrodna Region, Hrodna, ulitsa Tomina, 14/1

Cuisine: Regional

Belarus, Vitsebsk Region, Begoml, village

Opening Hours: 24/7

Belarus, Vitsebsk Region, Begoml, village

Belarus, Minsk

Phone: +375173446053

Belarus, Minsk, ulitsa Geroev 120-i Divizii, 3

Opening Hours: Mo-Fr 10:00-15:00, 16:00-19:00

Belarus, Minsk Region, Zaslawye, Sovetskaia ulitsa, 98

Belarus, Minsk Region, Zaslawye

Belarus, Vitsebsk Region, Vitebsk, ulitsa Lenina, 72

Belarus, Vitsebsk Region, Polatsk

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