Istanbul – a Turkish fairy tale

The largest port of modern Turkey and the ancient capital of the Byzantium Empire is Istanbul, located on the shores of the Bosporus and is divided into two parts: European and Asian. That's why the map of this ancient city is a mixture of culture and architecture from two parts of the world. There are so many cultural, architectural and natural monuments in the city that all the places of interest are officially united into 4 groups according to their location: in the historical centre, to the west of the centre, on the northern shore of the Golden Horn Bay and on the eastern shore. It is worth visiting such popular places as Hagia Sophia, the Basilica Cistern, the Hippodrome of Constantinople, the Topkapı Palace, the Rumelihisarı and Anadoluhisarı. One of the popular types of tourism here is wedding tourism. Not everyone knows that Istanbul takes second place for the number of registered marriages, losing first place to Las Vegas.

The city is located at the intersection of major transport routes that connect Europe and Asia: water, air, road and rail. The city guide proposes tourists to use private or state-run transport: tram and metro, which includes three lines. The two parts of Istanbul are located on opposite banks of the strait, connected by the railway tunnel and the Bosporus Bridge.

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