Antalya – Turkey's most famous resort

The Turkish city of Antalya receives more than a million tourists annually. Lovers of beach holidays, explorers of cultural monuments, fans of noisy parties and food connoisseurs who want to pamper themselves with sea delicacies and traditional cuisine all flock here. At peak season, the city's population doubles.

Architectural places of interest are situated in the old city. For example, Hadrian's Gate, the Hıdırlık Tower and the fortress wall that has survived to this day. It is also worth visiting the Atatürk house-museum and the archaeological museum. Other popular places are the modern water entertainment complex with water slides, dolphinarium, aquarium and zoo. Many guidebooks around the city refer to the places of interest and city park ensembles: Konyaalti Beach, Karaalioglu Park and Mermerli Beach. It is worth noting on the map, that in the surrounding area there is another interesting site – the «Kurşunlu Waterfall».

Nature Park. Antalya is famous for its festivals, where sand sculptors and traditional oil fighters represent their craft.

The city has network of buses and trams, there is no metro here nor railway. Most tourists get around by taxi.

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