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World Football Cup 2018
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How to download route to MAPS.ME
Click Download a route
Click "Download Route" above and open the file with MAPS.ME.

On iPhone and iPad devices, we recommend Safari browser for downloading routes.
If a route does not open on an Android device, save the file and use any file manager (preferably Total Commander). Find the file in it and select "open the kmz file in MAPS.ME".
On the map screen, touch the stars icon at the bottom.
Select a city
Find a downloaded city and touch it: you will get all its bookmarks with photos.
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The national tourism portal
The national tourism portal Russia.Travel features a collection of more than twenty thousand different tourist attractions from around Russia - from Franz Joseph Land to the Buddhist temples in the Zabaykalsky Krai. Here you can find fascinating articles, events taking place tomorrow in any part of the country, your dream travel route or nearby attractions which are worth visiting right now.
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Customize your trip
Save places you want to visit during your stay. In case you forgot, no internet connection is needed.
You don't need to search for the stadiums and other World Cup venues yourself! We have found them for you!
1. Download the desired city
2. When in the city, press "Search" in the bottom menu on the map and select the "Categories" section.
3. In "Categories", select "Football World Cup 2018", and view the venues on the map.
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