Los Angeles – the city of angels, the city of cinema

A megapolis in the south of California, Los Angeles is the world leader in the production of film and television programmes. The iconic area on the city map is Hollywood. Here you'll find such famous film studios as Warner Bros. Entertainment, Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios, and the huge Hollywood sign on the hill has become one of the most recognisable landscapes in the world.

Tourists travel to Los Angeles to go on an excursion to the huge Universal Studios Hollywood theme park and see for themselves where their favourite movies were filmed. Other popular places in the city, and at the same time the main places of interest, are Hollywood Boulevard, where many famous actors and television stars roam, as well as an area in front of the Chinese theatre where celebrities leave prints of their hands and feet. Here, everyone can compare their shoes with Marilyn Monroe shoe or even Charlie Chaplin's. And after a busy day of excursions you can relax and regain your strength in one of the thousands of restaurants, bars and establishments. No wonder the locals and visitors call Los Angeles the capital of entertainment.

The modern Los Angeles was formed by the merger of individual cities, so the distance between the districts and different points of the city is enormous. The main types of public transport are buses and the undergound. Most of the locals drive private cars, with families often having 2-3 or more cars. The development of motor transport became possible thanks to the system of modern highways and the complex network of roads. If you're looking to get around in comfort, rent a car and use the city guide.

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