Las Vegas – an eternal feast in the middle of the desert

In the west of the USA, in the desert state of Nevada, there is a resort city, a holiday city, a city in which you can become a millionaire in an instant and lose everything – Las Vegas, or simply Vegas. In its short history (the mark of Las Vegas only having existed on the map for just over 100 years) it has grown from a small village near a railway junction to one of the most famous resorts of the United States. Every evening, dozens of grand casinos, luxury hotels, entertainment venues and open-air performances fire up their lights here. The most famous gaming complexes are marked in the city guide.

All places of interest in Vegas are modern structures: multi-storey hotels, copies of famous monuments, singing fountains. To explore the city it's worth riding on the ferris wheel, "High Roller" or to go up to the observation deck of Stratosphere Tower. It offers an excellent view of the city. Other popular places are the dancing fountains of the «Bellagio», all kinds of playing halls and casinos. Regarding public transport, bus routes run from 6 am to 12 am.

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