Sydney – a city near the bay

The oldest city in Australia is Sydney, located on the south-east coast of mainland Australia and originally located around the convenient bay of Sydney Harbour. Sydney is Australia's largest metropolis, whose territory stretches across three adjacent bays and stretches to Botany Bay. The shoreline map is heavily indented, and the coastal zone is filled with islands.

Built by immigrants, Sydney is one of the most multinational cities in the world. The architectural style of the city combines skyscrapers in the city centre and an extensive colonial-style private sector. From all sides residential apartments are surrounded by national parks. Sydney is known by the whole world for its places of interest: The Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, are all listed in any city guide. All-time favourite and popular places among locals and visitors are the beaches of Sydney.

The largest city in Australia is in highly sought after as a place for various cultural, sporting and political events. It hosted the 2000 Olympic Games, the 2003 Rugby World Cup, the APEC meeting, the International Youth Day and many other events.

The public transport of the city is represented by a well-developed network of bus and train routes. Numerous ferries run along the Parramatta River and the bay. You can take a taxi or rent a car.

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