Monuments and memorials

For every tourist who likes history monuments and memorials are great places to visit. There are many types of them – war memorials, statues of famous people, wall-mounted plaques. They tell the story of the past times and celebrate life and deeds of the extraordinary people. Some of them such as Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC are so important that make country’s major tourist attractions. In the list you will find the greatest and most famous monuments and memorials from around the world.

Monuments and memorials: the best cities to visit

What to do in London? Where to eat in Rome? What are best parks, art galleries and observation points in Paris? Just choose the destination, we`ll find all high rated places.

Monuments and memorials: top travel countries

Every country has a unique local culture. Wherever you go, to United States of America, Italy, England or France there are plenty of museums and other tourist attractions to enjoy.