New York City, United States of America

«The city that never sleeps» – sang Frank Sinatra in his famous song about New York. The largest city in the United States doesn't sleep at all nowadays. In 24/7 mode, it has something to surprise even the most demanding visitors.In the words of the same Sinatra song, a small part of New York is worth staying in, even if for a few days. The city is relatively young – it is only 400 years old – and the main attractions here are skyscrapers and world famous streets. Popular places in New York are the high-rise Financial District, which houses the offices of the largest corporations, the most recognisable streets of Broadway and Madison Avenue, Trinity Church, the Brooklyn Bridge and the 319-metre-tall Chrysler Building. To avoid getting lost and not wasting time, use the city guide. Take a rest from walking around Central Park, which is also another hallmark of the city.For transportation around the city, you can choose a variety of options: metro, bus routes, as well as traditional yellow taxis, which have become one of the points of interest. A free ferry runs between Manhattan and Staten Island. The subway map of New York includes 472 stations, and the subway itself is the longest in the world in terms of total length of the routes.