The best cities to visit

What to do in Paris? Where to eat in Rome? What are best parks, art galleries and observation points in London? Just choose the destination, we`ll find all high rated places.

Top travel countries

Every country has a unique local culture. Wherever you go, to United States of America, Italy, France or Spain there are plenty of museums and other tourist attractions to enjoy.

Planning the trip

Every journey - whether this is summer beach vacation or a winter skiing tour, starts with a list of the most interesting places to visit. You dream about the tourist destination long before you go on the trip, and imagine how you hike in the mountains, or surf in the ocean, or just stay at a beach resort and enjoy local food.

We’ve collected the best tourist locations in Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Australia to turn your trip into one of the greatest vacations you’ve ever had. Whether its a trip to Scandinavian countries, to the Balkans or Asian regions, with our Trip Planner you will always be able to find all the popular local sightseeings, book tours and hotels, get addresses of restaurants with good reviews. Just decide which region, country or city you want to visit, and we`ll give you the list of local museums, monuments, churches, national parks, beaches, viewpoints, places to eat and hotels to book nearby.