High Wycombe Bus Station

Bus Station
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Dane C
117 month ago
Agreed with Simon, the staff at Food Fountain are rude and unhelpful, and they act as though customers are a nuisance that has to be dealt with.
Chelsea D
117 month ago
The seats are so cold but is frozen
Jack S
130 month ago
Bus 31 has a really smelly fat man on it I'd avoid sitting next to him!
Hannah B
131 month ago
Route 31 to Downley is normally really early or really late. It's rarely on time.
Simon C
141 month ago
Food fountain staff do a nice baguette but don't upset them, they get narky
Laura W
149 month ago
So quiet in here at 05:50
Laura W
149 month ago
Never ever get the 300 drivers angry, upset or just plain happy because they will surely phone the police and hold you up for 20 minutes when it is there fault
Laura W
150 month ago
Always get a day ticket never a return will cost you less in the long run
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