Townsville Airport (TSV)

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Peter E
21 month ago
It’s not as busy as a major airport, so the odds of getting the bomb & drug test are high. However, you won’t be here often, as it’s too expensive to fly anywhere from Townsville!
Bec H
55 month ago
Grand hotel on Palmer st is super, Jam for breakfast and Maggie for fun.
Lyle C
78 month ago
In case anyone needs reminding that Townsville is a garrison town: look for the soldiers at the airport!
Alan J
88 month ago
If you're looking for attractions, try Umbrella Studio contemporary arts - regional artists exhibiting new, contemporary work.
Jodi H
95 month ago
If you are being collected or picking up from the airport. The parking lot allows for 10minutes FREE parking.
Damien M
105 month ago
Welcome to north qld! Magnetic island is a great place to visit or if you feel adventurous charters towers is worth a visit as is the raging metropolis of ingham.
Glen W
105 month ago
Power points can be found along the wall where all the blue seats are through security
Jourdan L
108 month ago
Qantas club is small but pleasant with all you need especially spirits from midday
Dominic H
119 month ago
Looking for a place to stay, try peppers resort on magnetic island. Just a short ferry ride from Townsville and an amazing island and resort
Steve M
130 month ago
The breakfast panini at the cafe past security is pretty cool. Poached eggs, bacon, hollandaise sauce and some other stuff. Although if they don't toast it properly, the egg can be cold..
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