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Eka W
68 month ago
They provides good quality food to be taken in or take out, also some daily need like milk, cereal, meat, cheese in good quality and affordable price
Marcus L
80 month ago
there's a reason that Wegman's is always ranked at the top of grocery stores in this area and 1 visit to this location will tell you why. Hot bar puts others to shame, huge selection and great prices!
Justin S
103 month ago
This is inarguably the best grocery store within 100mi. They have a huge selection of real food and are a great company to boot. Only downside: occasionally expired items can be found on the shelf.
Erica W
104 month ago
The family packs of individually wrapped meats are a great deal. The marinated meats are also really tasty.
Sarah F
106 month ago
If you go next to the Sushi counter there is a $6, $8, and $10 meal counter. You get a entree (protein) of your choice as well as 2 sides for that price! Sometimes it's even enough food for leftovers!
John F
113 month ago
If your buying any of the hot bar foods from the cafe be mindful that it's $8.99 Per Pound. So watch how much u load up on because it will add up fast.
Joanna B
113 month ago
Wegmans is the truth. If you're still shopping at other grocery stores, you're doing it wrong.
114 month ago
Unfortunately they can't sell beer and wine here because of Maryland law, but check out the cafe! Tons of amazing, yummy food
Tara C
114 month ago
Awesome experience and it was totally packed. Everyone is smiling, great service, easy parking...they have it figured out!
Eric B
114 month ago
Awesome and great selection of everything just wish this one carried beer and wine like the leesburg location