Sporting goods stores Finland

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Finland, Western Finland, Tampere, Harjuntausta, 6

Phone: +358105377590


Opening Hours: Mo-Fr 10:00-19:00, Sa 10:00-16:00, Su 12:00-16:00

Finland, Southern Finland, Helsinki, Korsholmantie, 2


Wheelchair Access: Yes

Finland, Tuuloksentie, 1

Finland, Western Finland, Tampere, Hallituskatu, 7

Phone: +358447484415


Opening Hours: Mo-Fr 10:00-18:00, Sa 12:00-16:00, Su off

Finland, Southern Finland, Espoo, Martinsillantie, 10


Finland, Southern Finland, Hämeenlinna, Hameensaarentie, 7

Finland, Southern Finland, Espoo, Martinsillantie, 10


Finland, Eastern Finland, Joensuu

Finland, Eastern Finland, Joensuu, Kauppakatu, 23

Finland, Northern Finland, Kokkola, Carrera 4, 2,4

Phone: (06) 868 0220


Opening Hours: Mo-Th 09:30-18:00; Fr 09:30-19:00; Sa 09:00-15:00

Finland, Southern Finland, Lappeenranta

Opening Hours: Mo-Fr 09:00-19:00; Sa 09:00-17:00; Su 12:00-16:00

Finland, Southern Finland, Hämeenlinna, Etelakatu, 12


Finland, Northern Finland, Sodankylä

Finland, Southern Finland, Espoo, Torpparintie, 1

Finland, Southern Finland, Vantaa, Kartanon puistotie, 50

Opening Hours: Mo-Fr 11:00-18:00

Finland, Southern Finland, Helsinki, Klínovec, 2

Finland, Northern Finland, Oulu, Kauppurienkatu, 9

Finland, Western Finland, Pori, Siltapuistokatu, 14

Are you puzzled about how to find a good sporting goods store in in Finland? Are you headed to compete in competitions in another country, and you need to ensure a source of equipment ahead of time by finding the addresses of centers selling sports equipment? We have created a catalog of sports stores that operate all over the world for everyone who loves healthy lifestyles. Our service is useful for both beginners and those who are interested in premium-quality special equipment.

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