Butchers Slovenia

79 objects

Slovenia, Žižki, village, Oleska, 75

Phone: +386 2 5737094

Slovenia, Ljubljana, Dolenjska cesta, 158

Slovenia, Lokev, village

Slovenia, Kranj, The Parade, 2

Slovenia, Maribor, Oresko nabrezje, 1a

Phone: +386 2 2352223

Website: http://www.kosaki.si/

Opening Hours: Mo-Fr 09:00-17:00; Sa 08:00-13:00

Slovenia, Bilje, village

Slovenia, Ljubljana, Ulica borca Petra, 1a

Slovenia, Ig, village, Banija, 21

Slovenia, Beltinci, village, Ravenska cesta, 57

Phone: +38625412332

Slovenia, Godešič, village, Trata, 35

Phone: +386 4 513 06 90

Website: http://www.nimrod.si/

Slovenia, Miren, village

Slovenia, Turnišče, village, Rozna ulica, 6

Slovenia, Ljutomer

Slovenia, Gerlinci, village

Phone: +386 41 816145

Slovenia, Maribor, Kersnikova ulica, 8

Slovenia, Ljubljana, Jeranova ulica, 24

Phone: +386 41 941315

Slovenia, Trnje, village, Trnje, 29

Phone: 031500921

Slovenia, Ljubljana, Izanska cesta, 43

Phone: 041 748 414

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