White Rose (Bông Hồng Trắng)

Dumpling Restaurant
Based on 10 reviews


Anupam K
34 month ago
Awesome dumplings. Simply the best!
Marco M
63 month ago
Really tasty dumplings are the specialty here. Hoi An Food Tour brought me here
Andre M
66 month ago
This place is famous for their white rose dumplings prepared freshly in front of the customers. While they're good, it doesn't really justify the high prices. Wontons here are the best in town though
Alexandre G
67 month ago
I asked something to take away, fish, it was very good. Arrive early at night, the restaurant gets very busy for dinner.
An N
70 month ago
Quán chỉ có 2 món bánh bao và bánh vạc, không phải suy nghĩ nhiều. Bánh làm ngay khi khách gọi nên nóng và mềm, rất ngon. Tuy nhiên hơi dầu và hơi ngọt tí nên chỉ ăn một lần cho biết. Giá hơi cao.
yu dok L
71 month ago
기본은 70,000vnd 튀긴건 100,000vnd 비싸긴한뎅 한국입맛엔 아주좋음
Adam C
82 month ago
Two options on the menu and both are great. Traditional dumplings unique to Hoi An. Order both for about $7
Paul N
84 month ago
Love the place, old traditional cake d-_-b
Hoang H
87 month ago
This shop sells only two dishes, dumpling (Banh Vac) and Hoanh Thanh. It is the foot of Chinese people. Price is expensive in Hoi An.
Linh N
104 month ago
This restaurant is famous for it's steamed and fried dumplings. They've been making these for over 120 years having passed down the recipe from their great grandfather whose heritage is Chinese.
  • 533 Hai Bà Trưng (Nhị Trưng), Hội An, Tỉnh Quảng Nam, Vietnam, GPS: 15.883019,108.32492