Bakeries in city Oujda, Morocco

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Morocco, Oriental, Oujda

Phone: +212 600638842

Morocco, Oriental, Oujda

Morocco, Oriental, Oujda

Phone: +212 536711172

Morocco, Oriental, Oujda

Morocco, Oriental, Oujda, Boulevard M'Bark el Bekkay Lahbil, 1010

Morocco, Oriental, Oujda, Rue Ramadan Al Gadi, 28

Phone: +212 536705002

Morocco, Oriental, Oujda, Boulevard Mohammed Derfoufi, 180

Phone: +212 536689560

Morocco, Oriental, Oujda, Boulevard Moulay Youssef, 31

Phone: +212 536701882

A bakery is a specialized store that sells baked goods produced by one or several plants. No matter how many such establishments are opened in a city, consumer demand remains inexhaustible. Delicious fresh bread is the favorite food of both adults and children.

Our catalog lists all of the bakeries in in Oujda (Oriental), Morocco as well as joint stores that sell both bread as well as cakes and pastries. Our database contains the addresses, phone numbers, and coordinates of every store in each city, which are displayed on a map. Users can find shops that are open 24-hours per day, that offer specialized departments featuring healthy products, branded bakeries, and outlet stores where bakery products are sold at a discount.

Our website offers reliable information about bakery shops in different countries, so tourists can easily find a suitable outlet. In addition to noting the location of each business, our catalog lists such important data as phone numbers, available on-site parking, and other features.

Use our database every time you need to find the right bakery anywhere in the world. You will save time and get useful information.