Gibbon Rehabilitation Project

Animal Shelter
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Rafael M
56 month ago
One of the places I enjoyed the most in my visit. Very friendly and passionate volunteers dedicating some months to rehabilitate the Gibbons from human abuse. Totally worth it.
Alexandra E
88 month ago
Wow. The guys are doing a great job here. Very impressed. Ask smn from the staff to tell you what it's all about, they are very friendly and knowledgeable.
Clo G
97 month ago
Marvellous place to save these rare and precious apes, DONATE and STOP taking pictures with wild animals!! Be responsible and enjoy Thailand with respect 🙏💚👍🐒
Надежда У
100 month ago
Обезьяны прикольные, но подходить к клеткам нельзя. Смотрите с расстояния метров 5)))) то есть ничего не видно!
Мария Р
109 month ago
Не покупайте слоников за 500 батов около водопада, лучше сделайте доброе дело в сувенирной лавки реабилитационного центра! Это действительно благое дело
Anton P
120 month ago
Please, make a donation to these endangered animals.
Chris S
142 month ago
But a t-shirt to support these funky gibbons.