Hot Springs National Park

National Park
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71 month ago
NP in the town. Walk around, stop in some of the buildings, we loved Superior Brewing
75 month ago
Anna V
84 month ago
If you like little towns with a great past, this is worth the detour. It has that special feeling of melancolia. The tour of the baths is nice. But sure about the duck tour though.
Kat R
89 month ago
The Fordyce Bathhouse is a remarkable facility you can explore from bottom to top. Take a look around for free. It's the park's visitors center.
gno m
102 month ago
Not your traditional NP, but quaint and beautiful. Relax, take in the view from atop mountain tower, and tour Fordyce.
Candace F
103 month ago
Massages and natural hot springs on bath house row? Yes please! Beautiful place with natural hot water springs, parks, lakes, massage parlors, museums, shopping and more! The perfect "women's retreat"
Aron C
103 month ago
The natural part, and the downtown area i beautiful. Get away from those parts, it's a huge dump of old broken down hotels and businesses! They need to take a wrecking ball to half the town!
Rebecca B
106 month ago
Fun historical park - take the waters and learn the history of the area whole you admire the hot spring fountains. The buck staff bathhouse is a must-try experience!
113 month ago
The natural thermal springs in this park, which flow from the Ouachita Mountains, were made a government-protected area by President Andrew Jackson in 1832.
Smithsonian Channel
132 month ago
Built in 650 by the Plum Bayou people, the mysterious platform mounds of this state park are in perfect alignment with the spring and fall equinoxes. (From Aerial America)