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Andrew P
40 month ago
Just riding the neverending escalators along the larger than life window glass panes is worth coming here. Probably the best IMAX in the city.
Liza T
80 month ago
The best cinema in Hong Kong! IMAX is fabulous but you should better sit in the back cuz the screen is too close to the front rows
Caleb L
90 month ago
If you are buying ticket in house 3, try to avoid the last two rows as the exit is write by you and people will always cross through you!
Alex L
91 month ago
The picture quality of IMAX house is definitely better than that of Wanda in Changsha. However it seems bass is causing lots of shaking noise.
92 month ago
IMAX screen is hugh, the sound effect is good, ticket price isn't expensive for IMAX cinema, and the most important thing is, it is in the center of the busy Tsim Sha Tsui! The location is perfect!
Johnny H
100 month ago
The IMAX is great! But the service is lousy. If someone tells you there are concessions outside the IMAX theatre, don't believe them. It's closed and you have to go back down 2 flights to get popcorn.
David W
101 month ago
Quite a few tourists in the IMAX theater during weekends, especially the early shows. They wouldn't stop chatting and would pick up calls with absolutely no regard for everyone ard.
Andrew R
105 month ago
Reserved seats, so buy your tickets ahead online to get a good one. Higher rows are best - I sat in row N and liked it. Great theater experience.
114 month ago
a HUGE imax theater and conveniently located. Just take the MTR to Tsim Sha Tsui and exit at Isquare.
116 month ago
The best IMAX theater within the vicinity of central! Arrive early even if you already have your ticket!