Canterbury Cathedral

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Cheen T
32 month ago
Did you know? The oldest part of the building has rounded arches & small windows, whereas the latter extensions has pointy arches and big windows
Cheen T
32 month ago
The Archbishop of Canterbury is the principal leader of the Church of England, the symbolic head of the worldwide Anglican Communion. Source: Wikipedia
Vanessa R
42 month ago
If you're into churches, even if you're not religious, this is your place. Big, plenty of weird and historical objects and spaces including a garden and plenty of tour guides.
Matteo M
43 month ago
Spettacolare! Enorme. Consiglio di visitarla con l'aiuto dell' audioguida (in italiano - 5£). Un gran colpo d'occhio.
Vadim I
46 month ago
Beautiful cathedral with masterpiece stained glass windows. Admission is £12 for a year valid ticket (don't forget to say that you want one).
Sietske G
52 month ago
Evensong at 17:30. The entrance us free and the service is beautiful because of the boyschoir.
Steven D
53 month ago
Beautiful church with an incredible history. The fee is £12.00 per adult which is fairly expensive to pay to visit a church and not quite in the spirit of things.
Olive L
61 month ago
A must see for tourists & locals. Steeped in fascinating British history w/ beautiful & sprawling grounds. Closes at 2pm Sunday. Go to the choral service at 3:15pm Sun for the cultural experience.
Carl G
62 month ago
Wonderful architecture. Seek out the spot where Arch Bishop Beckett was murdered.
David R
64 month ago
Such a beautiful cathedral. Definitely a must see location when visiting Canterbury.