Balboa Beach

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19 month ago
جميل جداً وممتع للمشي و فيه اماكن كثيره لاستئجار السيكل او السيقواي ، الشاطيء مهيأ للتخييم وفيه وجار مخصص للنار
Dee D
41 month ago
A nice and clean beach with a lot to do for the kids and adults from renting boats, parasailing, whale watching, a kids zone, harbor cruise which includes seeing the sealions. There is a parking fee.
43 month ago
Lovely beach .. bicycle is one of the options to enjoy ur time here..
Salem B
46 month ago
Amazing beach featuring a long coastal area where you can always find a spot to relax and enjoy the sun.
Jeremy A
46 month ago
Lots of good kid friendly beach area with great pic opportunities on the pier. Tons of shopping too.
Saad R
52 month ago
شاطئ جميل جداً ونظيف والمكان اللي حوله هادي ورايق. ينفع الواحد يقضي الظهر الى المغرب فيه. او الصباح الى العصر. انصح بتجربة الطرّاد الصغير لمدة ساعه انت تسوقه بنفسك.
Abby B
71 month ago
Just beautiful! And also we went on a whale watching tour and saw whales, dolphins, and sea lions. We saw two whales just from the beach.
Aziz A
77 month ago
Great place to rent a bike! $15 for the whole day. Awesome scenes too!
Kevin W
80 month ago
The Wedge is world class get down there if you can!
Robert E
92 month ago
Very nice and clean pier. But of you need to go to the restroom make sure you take care of your business before you walk to the end of the pier. There is no restroom at the end of the pier.
  • E Balboa Blvd (at Main), Newport Beach, CA, United States, GPS: 33.601357,-117.90069