Top of Mount Batur

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18 month ago
I did Batur Trekking to watch the sunrise. It was a great experience, the scene up to there took my breath away 🌄❤️🙏🏽
Parmiss M
27 month ago
2hours of hiking definitely is worth to watch this beautiful sunrise from the volcano! It’s a bit crowded though
Andrzej C
34 month ago
The walk to the top takes approximately 2 hours and is pretty steep. A lot of sharp stones on the way, so make sure you wear proper shoes that have pretty strong sole and could get dirty
Lucie P
47 month ago
Worth the 1:30am wake up to see the sunrise from here. Make sure to check the weather so you don't climb on a cloudy morning.
Brian S
48 month ago
Not for the faint of heart, weak of knees or short of breath...spectacular views for those that push on to top. Bonus is all the monkeys.
Olli X
52 month ago schon eine ziemliche Massenveranstaltung, aber bei entsprechendem Wetter trotzdem sehr cool! Besser Wechselklamotten und eine Windjacke mitnehmen - oben kann es frisch werden. No Flip-Flops...
Ebrahim B
61 month ago
The climb to the top is rugged and difficult. Not for the faint hearted. Know that its a rocky pathway with a steep edge on one side and jagged rocks. The view from top is well worth the effort! ! :-)
The Ritz-Carlton
65 month ago
The top of Mount Batur provides stunning views of Kintami Volcano and Batur Lake. Arrive early to greet one of the most beautiful sunrises in the world.
Anya G
66 month ago
Неописуемые словами впечатления! Обязательно всем сюда! Если у вас есть хоть небольшая физическая подготовка, подъем не составит особого труда. Правда холодно наверху, берите теплые вещи.
Kristyn U
67 month ago
Do the sunrise hike to the top of Mount Batur. A little bit of a trek, but well worth the stunning views and breakfast on a volcano.
  • Kintamani, Bali, Indonesia, GPS: -8.238617,115.379166