Lisboa Camping

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Rachel M
53 month ago
Zona de acampada grande en zona boscosa, suelo blando y con mucha pinaza. Tienes q buscar los puntos de luz para instalarte, no hay parcelas para tiendas. Dúchate rápido q el agua caliente se acaba!
Rosa B
63 month ago
O camping é bem legal, mas as cabanas são um pouco antigas. Mas a estrutura é ótimo. Perto da torre de Belém
Ilia T
66 month ago
It's an amazing camping, among the best I've seen, but the personnel is really rude, especially during NOS Alive.
)|( aXxel
77 month ago
Leave the camp ground, turn to right. After abt. 200 m you will find the bus stop (714) on the other side of the street. Bus freq. is 20 minutes. Take the last bus back from the city at 22:00.
)|( aXxel
77 month ago
To reach the city take the Bus 714 to Figueira. Hint: Both buses from and to the the city use the same bus stop.
Holmes Place Portugal
78 month ago
Bom acampamento com uma fantástica piscina
Lebka M
88 month ago
Super kemp, rychla WiFi v okolí restaurace a obchodu, dost dobry spojeni busem 750 a 714 do centra, zastávka je cca 50 m od kempu, doporučuji zaplavat si v bazénu!Ceny jsou tu lidový.Spokojenost!
Carlos G
88 month ago
Fantastic place. It's huge. Nice swimming pool. The facilities are old but they are clean and in perfect condition. You have a bus stop that take you to he central of Lisbon.
Teresa D
92 month ago
Excelente local para fazer as festas das crianças!
Sascha H
99 month ago
Idealer Campingplatz zum Besuch der port. Hauptstadt. Camping hat eine nette Bar mit kostenlosem Internet und es besteht eine sehr gute Anbindung an den öffentl. Nahverkehr.