Veterinarians Belarus

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Belarus, Minsk Region, Красное, village

Belarus, Vitsebsk Region, Воропаево, village, Leninskaia ulitsa, 142

Phone: +375 2155 48495

Opening Hours: 08:00-13:00, 14:00-17:00

Belarus, Vitsebsk Region, Hlybokaye, Fizkul'turnaia ulitsa, 2Б

Phone: +375 2156 2-83-93

Belarus, Homel Region, Homel, Internatsional'nyi proezd, 27

Belarus, Hrodna Region, Hrodna, ulitsa Dombrovskogo, 10

Belarus, Minsk, prospekt Rokossovskogo, 2

Opening Hours: Mo-Su 20:00-22:00

Belarus, Minsk, prospekt Nezavisimosti, 154

Opening Hours: Mo-Su 10:00-22:00

Belarus, Homel Region, Козенки, village, 1-i Beriozovyi pereulok, 16

Belarus, Mahilyow Region, Krychaw, Leninskaia ulitsa, 126

Opening Hours: Mo-Fr 08:00-17:00; Sa 09:00-13:00

Belarus, Homel Region, Rechytsa, ulitsa Syd'ko, 115

Phone: +375293035584


Opening Hours: Mo-Su 10:00-20:00

Belarus, Minsk, ulitsa Zmitroka Biaduli, 13

Phone: +375298816026

Opening Hours: Mo-Sa 12:00-20:00

Belarus, Homel Region, Rechytsa

Phone: +375445523690


Opening Hours: Mo-Su 10:00-20:00

Belarus, Hrodna Region, Vawkavysk, Moprovskaia ulitsa, 11; 13

Belarus, Minsk Region, Maladziečna, Libava-Romenskaia ulitsa, 56

Belarus, Minsk, ulitsa Alibegova, 12Б

Phone: +375291920777

Opening Hours: Mo-Su 10:00-20:00

Belarus, Hrodna Region, Astravyets, Oktiabr'skaia ulitsa, 45

Belarus, Minsk, ulitsa Semionova, 32А

Opening Hours: Mo-Th 08:00-13:00,14:00-19:00; Fr 08:00-13:00,14:00-18:00; Sa-Su 09:00-13:00,14:00-16:30

Belarus, Minsk, ulitsa Ponomarenko, 35А


Opening Hours: Mo-Su 9:00-21:00

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