Sheikh Khalifa Medical City (SKMC) (مدينة الشيخ خليفة الطبية)

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Heba ?
47 month ago
اللهم احفظ لي جدي واشف مرضانا ومرضى جميع المسلمين
Michael H
67 month ago
Huge site. Easy to get lost if you're trying to cut through.
Dr. Mohamed A
71 month ago
"سبحان الله وبحمده،عدد خلقه، ورضى نفسه،وزنة عرشه،ومداد كلماته"يا رب منحتنا يوم جديد وحياة أخرى-فارزقنا فيه من الخير أكمله ومن العلم أوفره ومن العمل أسعده.
Nermeen S
83 month ago
Try the english cake and the healthy burger.. Just add some hot sauce! And the soup..super yummy!!!!
Zuhair K
87 month ago
Oh man! Pediatric emergency here is so darn slow. Staff here seem to move in slow motion. It's meant to be one of the best in town, but from what I see, I fear what the rest of the town has to offer.
Umer A
88 month ago
Its the Best hospital and staff take care too much
Mark S
89 month ago
Bean There, the coffee shop by the main entrance, is great. Highly recommend the food and friendly service.
Farrukh N
107 month ago
Try the banana cake in the hospital canteen - it's filling (and very sweet)
Farrukh N
118 month ago
Try and stay with your patient as an attendant if possible - in some wards you will need the nurse to request for a pass
Eileen E
122 month ago
Get here before 830 am on work days if you want a parking spot!
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