Hospitals Libya

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Libya, Jabal al Gharbi, At Tala`i`iyah, village

Libya, Benghazi, Alfa'kaat, village

Libya, Wadi al Hayaa, Awbari

Libya, Tripoli, غوط الشعال

Libya, Benghazi, Qaminis

Libya, Jufra, Waddan

Libya, Jabal al Gharbi, Tazmarayit‑ ⵜⴰⵣⵎⵔⴰⵢⵜ, village

Libya, Nalut, Al Jawsh

Libya, Tripoli

Libya, Jafara, Al Mashashitah المشاشطه

Libya, Nuqat al Khams, Al Ajyaylat

Libya, Murqub, Funduq al `Allus, village

Libya, Tripoli, غوط الشعال

Libya, Wadi al Hayaa, al fkhfakhah

Libya, Zawiya, Surman

Libya, Murqub, Khoms

Travelers often encounter situations where they need urgent medical attention. In a city where you have various sources of information at your fingertips, it is not difficult to find the nearest hospital. However, it can be quite difficult when you are in a rural area or abroad.

Our catalog includes information about clinics, dispensaries, and hospitals located in in Libya. You can specify the criteria that are important to you (location coordinates, i.e., address, driving directions, and treatment approaches) in order to quickly find a suitable institution and the shortest route to it. Out database includes information about hospitals for adults, pediatric clinics, and dental offices. The directory also contains data on the availability of parking, business hours, and other institutional information.

The information service will make your trip more comfortable and safe. To quickly find the right hospital, use our service.