Baylor University Medical Center

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Timothy M
54 month ago
Ain't no fun dropping off a friend in ER
Ed V
74 month ago
Nice staff here - they took pretty good care of my buddy with pneumonia !
Bonnie B
74 month ago
This is the place to be if you have cancer. Top doctors and care. Clean hospital state of the art medical care. Staff is caring. I travel from Florida for checkups. Well worth the trip.
Cynthia A
90 month ago
This is the real location
Cynthia R
92 month ago
I get to go go home tomorrow, if All blood work comes back okay. Been here a month & sooo ready to go home.
Cynthia R
93 month ago
Need a pulmonary dr? Dr. Joyce Shotwell is awesome. She is located in the Wadley Tower
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102 month ago
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Raúl H
102 month ago
Those who are sensitive to smoke and that gawd awful cigarette smell beware! People don't respect the no smoking on campus policy or signs.
Matthew F
103 month ago
Whenever you are in here, be sure to check the little hand Museum they have!
Anthony "
110 month ago
New Fav Cheap Thrill- Get med'd up n ride the elevator, its a fast 1 goin up, n really gets those meds flowin, O_o