Blue Fig

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Black E
17 month ago
مطعم جيد جداً، متنوع .كل شهر يغير قائمة الطعام لمطابخ عالميه.من حسن حظي كان المطبخ اليوناني في شهر أغسطس.يتميز بنوعية قهوه ممتازه ومخبوزات لذيذه وجلسات خارجيه في الهواء الطلق .اوصي بزيارته .
Marwa A
25 month ago
The food was amazing we ordered poached eggs and english breakfast service is great they speak very well and the outdoor in the summer is great
Farah H
31 month ago
Best place to have a nice conversation with a friend. The atmosphere is quite nice and they play really nice and relaxing music.
Luay ♈
51 month ago
It is great Cafe with wonderful atmosphere. The only thing I didn't like was the waiters response time. The food was great plus they have section for gluten-free people.
Fatima Al Slail
52 month ago
في الصيف و بالأخص الفطور ، المكان جميل و كله نشاط .. البنديكت و عصير الجزر المفضل عندي هنا .. تعالو من بدري بالذات الويك اند لأنه يصير زحمة كثير من بعد١١ ولازم الانتظار
Sarah S
66 month ago
- I love this place in the summer! The outside seating is great! I love their Spanish omelet for breakfast.
66 month ago
Fancy, trendy, good food, good cocktails,good service, one of my best places i recommend it
Jamal S
89 month ago
blue fig is just blue fig!! one of the few places in Amman that maintained its quality and reputation.. enjoyable in the mornings, afternoons and nights.. food is very good.. slow service though..
Randa R
89 month ago
the best place for breakfast in town.. very nice food.. but can work on their coffee :) must try this place even for lunch or dinner
100 month ago
Carrot cake. Naw, its not your ordinary carrot cake. Its the kind that would make you want to coax the recipe out of the chef. Or even as my friend said, "I want this to be my wedding cake!.