Mitchell's Brewery

Based on 10 reviews


Kevin d
36 month ago
Great local brewery with amazing food and just great vibes all around.
Tarık Meyra
51 month ago
That's what i call a pub is. Drink the drink and walk the walk. Close to waterfront and Cape Town Eye. Quite fun place to spend time
Яyan M
81 month ago
Still one of the best places to get food in the waterfront. Cheap and some good cocktails and beers.
Yajna G
91 month ago
Second home to all the Waterfront staff! Great people and great fun! Good place for a meet up or a catch up
Jenny S
94 month ago
The pizzas are great value if you need to soak up all the beer
Nitin A
100 month ago
Beer - Milk & Honey Ale and Old Wobbly Ale is amazing here. This is something you must try. In food I tried Margarita Pizza and added chicken, onion and ever pizza...awesome service!!
Yajna G
104 month ago
Had an interesting chorizo pizza with all sorts on it! Always a great vibe at mitchells!
Niki S
106 month ago
Try the 11% alcohol beer, it's really not as bad as the label warns & tastes super yummy!
Niki S
106 month ago
Best chilli poppers ever because not only is it stuffed with feta cheese, but it has Cheddar cheese melted inside too!
Felix G
113 month ago
Try the Beer tasting with 6 different homemade Mitchell's brews! Nice snack baskets as well alongside with it....