Salsas Fresh Mex Grill

Mexican Restaurant
Based on 10 reviews


Damon S
75 month ago
This is my favourite Mexican QSR, those mexi-crinkle chips and burritos are amazing!
Jonathan L
89 month ago
If you like good tacos, don't order them here.
Ben C
96 month ago
Ask for chilli sauce - it's the same stuff as Subway uses as "Hot Chilli" sauce, it's fantastic stuff
Lita C
99 month ago
Staff are getting better! I get my meal Supa quick and wrapped properly!
Ashley C
100 month ago
ask to spin the wheel after you place your order - the staff don't offer
eat 2
103 month ago
Agreed. Difficult to eat the way they wrapped it. Good flavours though & great they have a whole meal option
Cendana K
109 month ago
Centre Discount available, let them know before finalising order.. New staff, be patient
Todd M
111 month ago
The Baja Steak Fresh Mex Bowl is super good.
ᴡ S
111 month ago
The Veggie Packed Fresh Mex Bowl is delicious and vegetarian friendly!
Rhiannon S
112 month ago
I understand it's fast food but they need to take the time to wrap the burrito properly. Mine was in total shambles and impossible to eat.
  • Westfield Chermside, Chermside QLD 4032, Australia, GPS: -27.383894,153.03157