Universities and institutes Finland

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Finland, Southern Finland, Vantaa, Ratatie, 22

Website: https://www.laurea.fi/

Finland, Eastern Finland, Kuopio

Finland, Southern Finland, Helsinki

Finland, Southern Finland, Helsinki, Vanha maantie, 6

Finland, Northern Finland, Oulu

Website: http://www.oulundiakoniaopisto.fi/

Finland, Western Finland, Pori, Ulica Matice hrvatske, 3

Finland, Western Finland, Pori, Ulica Alojza Vulinca, 10

Finland, Eastern Finland, Iisalmi

Finland, Western Finland, Seinäjoki

Finland, Eastern Finland, Kuopio

Finland, Western Finland, Tampere, Kuntokatu, 3

Website: http://www.tamk.fi

Wheelchair Access: Yes

Finland, Southern Finland, Kaarina, Vaisalantie, 20

Phone: +358 2 333 8221

Website: http://www.astro.utu.fi/

Finland, Western Finland, Jyväskylä, Rautpohjankatu, 8

Finland, Talonpojankatu, 2 B

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