Ben Thanh Market (Chợ Bến Thành)

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Girl Travel F
9 month ago
Tourists can find Vietnamese traditional women clothing called Ao Dai in Ben Thanh Market, bought one for me and I love it!
Dave M
28 month ago
Really a fun Market, I also buy multi-KG of coffee while here, it’s awesome and reasonably priced. Buy only beans though, ground coffee is often 1/2 coffee and 1/2 cooked maize.
Dave M
28 month ago
If you look around and are a fairly good haggler, you can get a really phenomenal deal on cashew nuts if you like them.
Kim P
54 month ago
Obviously a tourist trap, but you can find some nice steals. Most of the stalls you can haggle at, but there are fixed price stalls in case you're not up for it!
Kwok T
60 month ago
Great place to go to if you've just arrived in Saigon for the first time. Has lots of food stalls selling the main types of Vietnamese food under 1 roof. Most dishes are about VND40,000 or £1.20.
Kwok T
60 month ago
Market serving mainly tourists & some locals. Sells everything from coffee, food, bags & souvenirs. Easily accessible both in terms of the actual market & buying. Downside - prices not the cheapest
Tobias W
61 month ago
Great place to deep-dive into Vietnamese markets. Bring your negotiation skills, tea and coffee are offered for 3-4 times more than worth it. The ladies are hard to crack but do love bargaining 👌🏻
Phat B
75 month ago
Beware of pickpockets. Good market with a lot of genuinely nice people. Don't forget to haggle to at least 50% under starting price
nenhime S
100 month ago
(For foreign travelers) When you buy a souvenir T-shirt in Vietnam, you would buy 3 sizes larger ones. Because Vietnamese is too small. 日本人には高く売ろうとする。『ダー』(高い)連発で。ベトナムでTシャツ買う場合は3サイズ以上大きい物を!XXXL迄。8万VND〜
Khanh D
104 month ago
The infamous market where you better bargain like no other! It really is Saigon's bazaar Great place to buy materials etc but tough for fruits. Go early to check out the wet market action!
  • Lê Lợi (Bến Thành), Ho Chi Minh City, Tp. Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam, GPS: 10.7720995,106.697655