Florence Nightingale Museum

History Museum
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Lina B
53 month ago
Great for nurses and anyone fascinated to learn about how the field has evolved. Outside of the St Thomas hospital. Nice little souvenir shop inside to grab a few trinkets.
Carl G
69 month ago
Built on the site of Florence Nightingale's school for nurses founded in 1859 after her return from the Crimean War. Great insight into her work and life.
Dave M
72 month ago
An often overlooked museum at Westminster, in St Thomas Hospital Grounds. Great for a wet afternoon. Nearby monuments too
Martin T
112 month ago
21 January: Nightingale's story is charted from her privileged birth, to her battles against social convention & her historical status as one of the most famous & influential women of the 19th century
Time Out London
115 month ago
An advocate of free healthcare, Florence Nightingale raised nursing to a professional level for women and started her own training school for nurses at St Thomas'.
128 month ago
This museum commemorates ‘the Lady of the Lamp’ who travelled to the Crimea to care for British soldiers in 1854, and went on to lay the foundations of modern nursing.