Angkor National Museum

History Museum
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Mark J
22 month ago
Well-curated museum with a good introduction and overview to the Angkor Wat complex. Good for an afternoon when you need some AC after templing in the heat.
Angie J
23 month ago
Very nice museum. Skip the video display in the beginning.
지성 하
23 month ago
못가봤어요 가고싶어요 오늘 거기서 세계최초 핑거보딩 하는 유튜버 온다고해서 가고싶은데
29 month ago
It is definitely a good place, visit before going to Angkor Wat& Angkor Thom for the better understand the history in each ancient age.
kumi m
34 month ago
Very nice museum with a great summary of the various periods of history under different rulers. A great place to visit before your Angkor park adventures. No photos inside!
Caroline S
34 month ago
Overpriced but gives you a lot of information and is is definitely worth it especially if you are planning to visit the temples. Go here before going to the temples for a richer temple experience.
Denise V
35 month ago
Es realmente bueno para entender un poco de la cultura e historia de Camboya
JAmes W
35 month ago
Great place to learn about the history of Angkor Wat before actually going there.
Douglas C
38 month ago
Must visit here before you go to Angkor Wat and other temple.
Çiğdem B
39 month ago
Siem Reap city very cheap but museum is expensive as well as I recommend Angkor Wat temple your choice museum
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