Mosques Azerbaijan

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Azerbaijan, Gədəbəy District, Gedabek, M. Abbasov kuc@si, 2

Phone: +994 50 3923125

Denomination: shia

Azerbaijan, Sumqayit, Sumgayit

Azerbaijan, Baku

Azerbaijan, Absheron District, Novxanı, village

Azerbaijan, Baku, Baladjary

Azerbaijan, Quba District, Guba

Azerbaijan, Imishli District, Mirili, village

Denomination: shia

Azerbaijan, Baku, hovsan, village

Azerbaijan, Baku, Yeni Suraxanı, village

Azerbaijan, Baku

Azerbaijan, Beylagan District, Beyləqan

Azerbaijan, Baku

Azerbaijan, Baku, Nardaran, village

Azerbaijan, Naxçıvan İnzibati Ərazisi, Nakhchivan

Azerbaijan, Agsu District, Qaraqoyunlu, village

Denomination: sunni

Azerbaijan, Imishli District, Qaravəlli, village

Azerbaijan, Absheron District, Ceyranbatan gölü, village

Every Muslim arriving in an unfamiliar city will first of all want to pay a visit to the local mosque. Tourists also want to know about the religious institutions in the area that they plan to visit and pilgrims purposefully choose venues where they can adhere to their rites of worship. In order to ensure that you do not have to waste time looking for a mosque while in in Azerbaijan, we have created a catalog containing the addresses, photos, and full descriptions of all the mosques in our country and abroad.

Our database includes information about mosques, including addresses and other important details such as: prayer rooms, halal cafes, communities, religious bookstores, clothes, accessories, and food vendors. Most modern mosques have parking and shopping bazaars. These criteria are included in the list of selectable characteristics that you can use to perform your search.

By using our service, you can easily find a mosque in either your own city and in the other places that you plan to visit.