Churches Iceland

357 objects

Iceland, Vestmannaeyjar

Iceland, Reykjavik

Denomination: pentecostal

Iceland, Blönduós

Iceland, Akureyri

Iceland, Kopavogur, Stangarhylur, 1

Iceland, Reykjavíkurkjördæmi norður, Reykjavik

Denomination: lutheran

Iceland, Stykkishólmur


Denomination: lutheran

Wheelchair Access: No

Iceland, Akureyri

Denomination: protestant

Iceland, Drangsnes, village

Iceland, Flateyri, village, Eyrarvegur, 6

Iceland, Reykjavik

Denomination: independent lutheran

Iceland, Djúpivogur, village

Denomination: evangelical

Iceland, Sauðárkrókur

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