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Where to go to learn how to conquer the waves
Journeys | 13.06.2019
It seems nowadays that everyone is obsessed with surfing. A trip to a surf camp on vacation no longer seems like an impossible thing. In 2016, surfing became an Olympic sport, which attracted even more attention. Many of you probably would like to try to ride the waves. We'll tell you where to go to learn.
The island of Bali has long been a place of power for travellers. They've been flying here for a long time, at least for a couple of weeks, some come for a month, and freelancers often stay for years or for good. In addition to low prices, fresh fruit and nature, many people love Bali for surfing.
There are spots on the island that are open all year round. There are actually more than 30 in total. Batu Bolong to Canggu or the beaches of Jimbaran are perfect for beginners. The Indian Ocean is warm, the island has a relaxed atmosphere and many surf schools for any level. So, if you've never tried, Bali is a good option to start surfing and relax at the same time.
You don't need to travel to remote islands and devote your time to learning how to surf. In Portugal, it is quite possible to get on a board in the morning and in the evening, travel around the atmospheric trams of Lisbon. And if you still want to go to a remote land, we advise you to think about Madeira Island with its incredible scenery and comfortable surfing beach Ribeira das Galinhas.
The most comfortable place to learn how to surf in Portugal is the coast near the village of Ericeira, just 50 km from Lisbon. Several beaches with small waves and beach breaks (more on this later), infrastructure, surf schools and entire surf camps if you want to constantly be part of a group.
Sri Lanka
A great option if you've always wanted to be warm in the winter and not just to lie on the beach. Sri Lanka is a very green island with paradise landscapes. Surfing season here begins in November and ends in March. But there are year-round spots on the north-west of the island.
There are several places here, which specifically help beginners. The most popular resort is Hikkaduwa. If you imagine yourself with a board in the ocean, and only palm trees in the background and white sand – well, it's not going to be like that here. As it's a good place for surfing and having fun, the beach is consequently built up with hotels and restaurants. But if you plan to go to parties after your training sessions, you'll like it here.
To fully devote yourself to surfing, it is better to go to Weligama. There are no big waves in the closed bay of this small village, which is just right for beginners. There are more schools here than in Hikkaduwa, and the line-up (the place behind the surf line, where waves rise) is rarely crowded.
Australia and surfing are two inseparable things. In schools, which are located on the coast, they teach surfing instead of physical education. Spots are located along the coastline, and there are plenty of surf schools. There are not so many places in the world where surfing is a national lifestyle. In this sense, Australia can only compete with Hawaii.
It's easy to get lost with all the surfing locations, so it's best to start with the Gold Coast and its famous "Surfers Paradise" beach.
It is better to surf on such popular beaches, because sometimes sharks swim close to the shores. In well-known locations, lifeguards quickly evacuate everyone, so you need not worry about safety.
Hawaii is a surfing mecca and the main place in the world where surfing culture takes over everything around. The archipelago is considered the birthplace of the sport. Tens of centuries ago, the elders of the Polynesian tribes conquered the waves, showing strength and courage. Hence the saying "surfing is the sport of kings".
You can surf everywhere on Hawaii The main places are the islands of Oahu and Maui. This is where most of the surf schools are located with spots for both beginners and trained surfers. On Oahu, you can even call the hotline to find out the forecast for the day. By the way, this is where the first surf school in the history of the sport appeared.
Oahu is more suitable for beginners than Maui. There are many schools here, the north coast is called the best place to surf in the world because of the number of ideal spots (more than thirty), there are even multilingual surf camps.

If you want to learn to ride in the homeland of the conquerors of the waves, where everything is literally soaked with the spirit of surfing, where surfing is the local people's way of life – you are definitely in Hawaii.
  • Read about wind directions. Offshore – winds move from the shore to water and keep hold of the waves, preventing them from closing quickly. Onshore – the winds move from the ocean to the shore, in this weather it is better not to ride if you're a beginner.
  • Download the app for ocean forecasts and learn how to read them. Surfing conditions are highly dependent on the weather. So it will be easier to plan your time. We recommend the Windy and MSW Surf Forecast app.
  • Learn about the different types of spots. Best for beginners – beach breaks, spots with a sandy bottom. There are still point breaks and reef breaks. With stony and reef bottoms, respectively.
  • Take care of your clothes. Before you go to learn, it's better to buy at least a lycra T-shirt, so you'll not burn yourself while surfing.
  • Get ready to get up early. Comfortable waves for beginners often arise in the morning. Sometimes you have to come at dawn if you want to catch a moderately calm ocean.
Before you go to learn, we recommend doing your homework:
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