Where to go in winter? 10 non-trivial ideas from a beach holiday to a snow tale

Journeys | 06.11.2019
November is the best time to make a decision on the winter vacation. We have gathered places where you can escape from the cold, or the other way around, if you want a real winter tale.
Eilat, Israel. An ancient city in the very south of the country with a rich undersea and water temperature of more than 20 degrees all year round. It is sunny almost the whole year, and the season from November to March is considered comfortable when the heat subsides and you can enjoy the warmth. If you are tired of swimming, go explore the nature. For example, visit Timna Park or the High Bar Nature Reserve, where there are many wild animals.
Sri Lanka. Many people know the island by the old name Ceylon. Sri Lanka comes out of nowhere like a green ball in the Indian Ocean. There are tropical humid climate and water temperature of 25-27 degrees. Here is a real paradise, a riot of nature and entertainment. For example, you can try surfing on the beaches of Weligama, explore the sacred ancient cities of Anuradhapura and Kandy, observe elephants in the Minneriya National Park, or even see blue whales near the village of Mirissa.
Gold Coast, Australia. Not far from Brisbane there is one of the country's main resort areas – Gold Coast. This is a 43-kilometer long beach with perfect yellow sand, a warm ocean, chic hotels, parties and skyscrapers on the coast. If you want to show off, you can spend money in Main Beach. And if you do not like to sit still, it is better to go to Surfers Paradise.
It's sunny almost all year, turquoise water and a lot of entertainment: from ballooning to excursions to national parks. If you like a beach holiday close to the city, then Gold Coast is a good option
Hainan Island, China. If you associate China only with ancient palaces, the Great Wall of China and skyscrapers with neon hieroglyphs, then Hainan will open the other side of the country to you. This place is often called "East Hawaii" because of the coincidence of latitudes. It is always warm here, the water is more than 25 degrees, there are more than 300 sunny days. You can lie on the beach, swim, walk in the relict tropical forest of Jianfenglin Park, and study Chinese culture in the evenings. For example, the city of Sanya, the capital of the island, still returns neon signs, noisy streets and the most delicious fried rice to China.
Madeira Island, Portugal. Vacation in the warmth is not only relaxation on the beach. For example, in Madeira it is more difficult to find beaches, and winter temperatures tend to be more average. This means that in the evening you will have to put on a light jacket. But here are incredible opportunities for trekking, diving, windsurfing and fishing. It rains here in winter, but it only adds to the island's atmosphere. If you can't stand the heat, love epic landscapes and spend time actively – go to Madeira.
Lofoten Islands, Norway. Often, those who visited the islands during the cold and warm season say that in winter Lofoten is even more impressive. Here you can try kayaking and even surfing in a thick wetsuit, if you are not so afraid of the cold. The main trails are closed, but there is an opportunity to climb with light tracks and enjoy mountain views from a height. They go to the north for the sake of the northern lights. If you are lucky with the forecast, then a light show awaits you in the evening.
Watch outbreaks on special sites, or ask local ones. Norwegians are so accustomed to the auroras that they can quickly find out if you should stay awake for half a night in the hope of seeing nature paint in the sky.
Thanks to the Gulf Stream, there are no strong minus temperatures on Lofoten. In February, for example, there can be from 0 to 2 degrees.
Lake Baikal, Russia. The largest fresh water tank in the world never becomes deserted by travelers. Baikal is one of the treasures of Russia, and in winter this place acquires not only a fabulous, but rather an alien look. The lake completely freezes by 2-3 meters and is covered with cracks that I want to look at all day long. It is better to come here in February and March, when the winds begin and the snow blows from the ice. Look for the best cracks, frozen air bubbles and ice caves on the island of Olkhon.
Lake Bled, Slovenia. Slovenia's most romantic place in winter looks like a picture from a Disney cartoon thanks to an island with a church. The lake is located near the resort with the same name. In winter, people ski and organize biathlon competitions here. When the water freezes severely on the lake, they form a large natural ice rink. Clean air, the Alps and the fabulous atmosphere around – a great reason for a winter trip.
Bavarian Alps, Germany. Bavaria it is beautiful at any time of the year, but in the winter in a different way. Neuschwanstein Castle looks even more fabulous, and the snowy landscape immediately creates the impression that you are in an adventure film. Of course, in Bavaria at this time you can not only travel around the castles and enjoy nature. For all lovers of outdoor activities, there are many ski resorts. Tourists love the town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen and its surroundings – good gentle slopes are ideal for family skiing and training.
Lapland, Finland. The north of Finland is snow-covered three-meter spruces, the house of the local Santa Claus Joulupukki, husky teams and a sweet tug. The Finns, unlike the Norwegians, have no epic mountains and fjords nearby. But this is a country of incredibly beautiful forests, lakes and many wild animals. Especially fabulous in the north of the country there is in Lapland.
The locals did everything so that tourists could fully feel the fabulous winter and spend their vacations in a variety of ways.
It's not always -30 here. Depending on the cyclone, it can be only 15 degrees below zero in northern Finland in winter. The lights occur here too and they are even stronger than in Norway. It looks especially beautiful between snowy trees or small houses with lit up windows.
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