What is glamping, and why is it so popular?

Journeys | 02.10.2019
In the USA, the glamping market already amounts to a billion dollars. We are telling those who have not yet had time to experience the great thing of comfortable camping, what is it.
What glamping is
It is easy to guess from which two English words the word glamping is formed. It is glamorous and camping, i.e. glamorous camping. So what is it? To put it simply and succinctly – this is a camping site with amenities. Many people love nature, but are not ready to sacrifice comfort. As often happens, a business idea was born on a popular request.
Imagine that you love nature very much, but are not enthusiastic about the tent theme: sleeping in a tight sleeping bag, mosquitoes and canned goods for breakfast. Some people like it, others are not ready to give up the Internet (yes, in many glampings there is also have Wi-Fi) and other familiar amenities of civilization, but they want to go to nature.
Glamping solves this problem. You can sit by the fire, walk through the woods, swim in the river or go hiking, and then return to the camp with a shower and equipped kitchen, and sometimes even a cafe. In the tent there is everything that usually is offered in a hotel. Of course with its own features, you are still in nature: a bed with a heated blanket or sheets; a heater or a fireplace in the room.

A backpacker would not like such an idea, but for those who want to immerse themselves in hiking aesthetics or just relax comfortably in nature, glampings are a good option.
How the idea appeared
Despite the fashionable name and compliance with trends, the similar dwellings were in Mongolia as early as in 1100. The yurts, in which the nomads lived, protected them from the wind, kept warm and were a relatively comfortable option for spending a night for those who constantly move. These, of course, were not glampings.
The closest to the modern definition were at the beginning of the 20th century, when wealthy Europeans and Americans began to travel to Africa. There were no expensive hotels in those places then, but wealthy people didn't want to stay in ordinary tents either. Therefore, they demanded that all tents should be equipped with beds and dressing tables. The idea began to spread quickly, and in 2007 a term appeared for such campgrounds. In 2010, the spreading of comfortable camp sites around the world began.
What kinds of glampings are there?
The aesthetics of comfortable relaxation in nature is already outgrowing the concept of glamping as a camp with large tents in which there is hotel furniture. Now there are much more options: the same tents on wooden platforms, glass cabins, tree houses and even igloo. All this is considered to be glamping. The main goal is to relax in nature away from the city, big roads and civilization. Just a camp in a picturesque landscape.
There are many options. For example, you can relax in gigantic barrels overlooking the Altai mountains in Russia, live in triangular house with legs in Cornwall in Great Britain, spend your vacation in a chic tent at the Grand Canyon in America. There are even some incredible options – for example, snow igloos in Finland.
Why go to glamping
Glampings cause a controversial reaction. The fans of the usual campsite laugh at it, and pay scant attention to it. Backpackers believe this does not comply with the spirit of adventure. In addition, glampings are often expensive, which seems a stupid waste of money on seemingly familiar amenities for many people.
But the idea is simple – communication with nature for everyone. Thanks to glampings, people begin to get out of town more often. For many, the constraint was precisely the conditions. Everyone chooses the level of comfort for themselves, and glampings just solve the problem of a certain group of people.

But now nature is becoming accessible to all. People learn to relax and be distracted from everyday activities, to go to the forest or to the mountains with an overnight stay, even if they previously thought that this type of relaxation was not suitable for them. Everyone chooses for himself whether it is important where he sleeps – in a sleeping bag or in a bed. Thus, people become closer to nature and learn to appreciate its beauty.
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