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News | 01.10.2018
We are glad to present the MAPS.ME blog! Here we will write about travels and everything related to them, to inspire you to pack your bags and head off on an adventure.
For anyone who is not familiar with the app, or if you've just started using it recently, we'll give you a bit of info about us.
MAPS.ME provides detailed offline maps of the world. We use open source maps OSM (OpenStreetMap) which every user can edit. Thanks to the travel community contribution you can always find unusual city spots, hiking trails, secluded beaches and much more on MAPS.ME

You can download the map of the certain area, city or country before or during your trip, and then use the app offline, create routes and find interesting places and sights.
We have always wanted to not only help you find your way around an unfamiliar place, but also to be a friend on all of your travels. That's why in 2018 we launched a catalogue of guidebooks, thanks to which you can download an already planned route with all the most interesting places and their descriptions. All the collections of places are created by experienced travellers, transferring their rich experiences to the map and sharing it with you.
Why read us?
We will help you plan your trip, suggest travel ideas, tell you how to prepare for your travels, give you top tips on how to save money, tips on how to visit the best places, when to buy tickets, how to best use our maps, routes, and how to choose places to visit. We will be your e-reference book for all your travels and a place where you can always find the necessary information, inspiration and even the best ways to spend your free time, if you want to pass the time interestingly.

In the meantime, download the MAPS.ME app and let's travel together!
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