Beautiful animal world. Watching the fauna online
Journeys | 30.04.2020
We all love watching animals: noticing their habits and sometimes wondering how much we have in common. Time at home is not a reason to refuse an exciting activity, because there are a lot of online broadcasts on the network, and you can watch animals without getting up from the couch. We'll tell you about the most interesting of them.
Lagoon at the California Academy of Sciences
The California Academy of Sciences is a large scientific organization that exists not as an institution, but as a museum of natural history. The organization has a difficult fate: numerous relocations and the loss of archives due to the San Francisco earthquake. So far, on September 27, 2008, the Academy of Sciences moved to a large new building in Golden Gate Park, where, in addition to scientific and administrative departments, many public spaces appeared, as well as a famous aquarium. It's just the place from where you can watch the broadcast, watch the rays and other inhabitants of the underwater world.
Hundreds of cameras of the Explore project is a philanthropic project about wildlife. The project team has organized a large network of cameras for online broadcasts around the world, as well as a studio shooting documentaries. If you go to the Explore website, you can get lost for at least the whole day, watching animals from different parts of the planet from sharks to giraffes.
Stork's nest in the village of Bohuslavice
When you first go to the broadcast, it's hard to believe that this is a real-time mode. The camera is installed almost close to the nest at an interesting angle, so it is possible to look at the storks in detail against the backdrop of a lovely Czech landscape. The authors of the broadcast warn that during the observation you can see disturbing and unpleasant events, for example, a predator attack. But this is a natural biological process that should not be interfered with.

Be calm, thanks to the camera, ornithologists constantly monitor the birds so that nothing unnatural happens to the storks.
Otters and elephants at the Taronga Zoo
The Taronga Zoo in Sydney is not just one of the largest in the world, but also a major animal research center. The zoo was opened back in 1916, and now it covers an area of 30 hectares and is divided into eight sectors according to animal species. Like many public places, Taronga is currently closed for public, but now you can watch cute otters and elephants online.
Sheep in the Folly Farm Barn
Animals can also be seen from the farm barn. Small excursions are usually conducted around the family farm of Folly Farm, and now there is the opportunity to look at the farm life of charming sheep. It is especially interesting to watch when restless cubs appear on the video.
Sharks in North Carolina
Another incredible Explore project camera. If you always wanted to see sharks, then this is a good chance to see these underwater predators moving. You will also see many small fish, the installed camera rotates during the broadcast and monitors the underwater life.
Pandas at the Moscow Zoo
The appearance of pandas at the Moscow Zoo in 2019 was a great event for the city and the country. A conservation program for these bears has been carried out by the PRC since 1983. Zoos from 18 countries take part in the environmental project to help conserve and research pandas. The animals were brought to Moscow to the opening of a new exhibition, "Fauna of China". A zone of comfortable stay of animals and places where they can hide from the eyes of visitors are organized at the zoo. Live cameras are installed in all zones, so watching the panda eating bamboo will definitely be possible.
Black storks in the Serakow Forest
Have you ever seen black storks? If not, it's right the time. The camera is installed on a high oak in a large forest of the Serakow Forest District. Stork nests weigh on average 60 kg, and reach 250 kg. But the authors of the broadcast assure that nothing will happen to the nest thanks to the strong oak branches on which the storks decided to stay. The broadcast is conducted 24 hours a day with sound, so that the sounds of the forest are also attached to the observation.
Swans in the pond of the Makov center
Makov is a rescue station and rehabilitation center for injured wild animals located in the Czech Republic in South Bohemia. If you want to watch a quiet meditative video and admire the majestic birds slowly floating on the water – turn on this broadcast. But be careful, other animals move freely on the territory of the rehabilitation center, so you can notice unexpected guests.
Piranhas in Georgia Aquarium Zoo
Many people know piranhas as scary predators with sharp teeth, about which horror films are made. But in a calm state, the fish look rather funny: they almost do not move and amusingly move their lips. You can arrange an online aquarium if you turn on the broadcast in full screen. Researches show that observing fish helps relieve stress and anxiety. It seems that this is what people need today.
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