Photo essay: Uzbekistan. Discovering Islam

Stories | 25.07.2020
Alexander Krivonosov
Engineer and Traveler
Uzbekistan is the heart and treasury of Central Asia. This small country is located on the trading route from China to the Mediterranean, where Kazakh steppe approach to the Pamir and Tien Shan. It was here in the 7thcentury, that a new source of Islam, culture and education emerged.

Uzbekistan is surrounded by a rich centuries-old history of the rule of emirs and sultans, conquests, prosperity and decline. The country even did not escape communism. What has survived to this day is a unique mix of culture and eras.

Mass tourism has not yet come to Uzbekistan, this is why while traveling here you feel like a real explorer and discoverer. First of all, it is worth visiting Bukhara and Khiva – ancient oasis cities with narrow medieval streets and majestic madrasahs, many of which are over 500 years old. Madrasahs are religious seminaries in which the Koran, history, literature and astronomy were studied, which, by the way, was very popular in Uzbekistan.

Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, was built almost from scratch after a destructive earthquake. All principles and scales of Soviet architecture were used in the construction of the city. However, Uzbek motives and patterns became a distinctive feature of the appearance of Tashkent.
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"Uzbekistan is good for the first acquaintance with the East. It is picturesque and authentic. It's easy to get here and travel. The Uzbeks are kind and hospitable, treat tourists kindly, come up, communicate, talk about themselves and cities. A separate attraction of the country is the markets, which are full of fruits and vegetables in the summer season. They are incredibly delicious and organic. The Uzbeks love pilaf, which is cooked and eaten only in the morning."
Words and images by Alexander Krivonosov
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